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Creating peace and harmony within relationships is Jillian's passion. Mediation can be an alternative approach to working through relationship struggles and is a great compliment to marriage counseling or coaching. It is possible to save relationships from divorce and break ups, through the process of mediation. Mediation offers a safe space to negotiate and to share about the most delicate subjects and needs. 

Relationship mediation may be appropriate for those in a committed romantic relationship, in a marriage, or simply in a valued relationship with a friend or loved one. Relationship mediation is used to work through conflicts that arise in relationships where the objective is to maintain a healthy connection, where both parties are heard. Service also included in relationship mediation include: prenuptial agreements and adoption agreements. 


Amidst the messiness of divorce, there is a path of understanding and cooperation that exists. Jillian can help you find that path. Mediation offers a way through divorce where both parties have a safe and fair place to share their concerns and wishes. Mediation places the power of decision in the couple's hands, instead of succumbing to the orders of a judge. 

In divorce mediation, common areas to mediate are: parenting schedules, decision making, child support, spousal support, and property division. 


No one enjoys the journey through ending a relationship and fighting over the kids. Mediation can provide the opportunity to be heard and fairly present your own desires and concerns for your children. Mediation will allow both parties to create a practical agreement in the interest of the children, instead of accepting a solution dictated by the courts. 

Details covered in custody mediation are: parenting schedule, decision making, and child support. 

Jillian's Approach

Jillian's mediation style is ​described as a narrow facilitative approach. This means she addresses specific and measurable conflicts, in a neutral and objective method, without being attached to the result. In Jillian's mediation office, she is the one governing the mediation process and her clients are the ones who dictate the outcome. It is important to Jillian that her clients maintain their most basic privilege through the mediation process: choice. This is a luxury that greatly diminishes in a courtroom, run by lawyers and a judge. Jillian's role in the mediation process is not to instruct or advise, but rather question, inform, and encourage equality, as both parties find their own answers. 

Reasons for Mediation

There are many reasons to choose mediation above other alternative such as litigation. These include:

  • Choices: Mediation allows you to maintain your own power to negotiate your solutions, instead of the courts deciding for you. A judge is never invested in your life or what works for you, like you are. Your decisions about your life are best made by you. 

  • Relationships: The most important benefit mediation offers is a chance for harmony in relationships within the family. Divorce is ugly and so tough on everyone. Litigation only adds fire to an already difficult situation. Mediation offers a solution that allows everyone to walk away with dignity and civility. It is possible to walk away as co-partners, instead of enemies. 

  • Children: Divorce hurts no one more than a child. Maintaining stability and harmony between parents during the divorce process is not only smarter for the couple, but also for the children. Mediation can provide a softer, gentler way through the divorce process for those most vulnerable. 

  • Cost: Litigation fees ​can break the bank! The average cost of a simple divorce litigation in Idaho is around $15,000. Mediation will cost you a fraction of that, averaging a few thousand dollars to settle your dispute. 

  • Time: Unfortunately, divorce is often a slow process and waiting for court dates can seem like an eternity. Mediation usually requires a few months for most cases (sometimes less), opposed to the average year it takes to finalize a divorce through litigation.  

My Approach
Reasons for Mediation
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